The HEXXU team averages 2-3 decades of experience each and has worked for companies like Microsoft, Softimage, Disney, DreamWorks, and Sony Pictures.  Its team members are creative technologists, cinema visual effects artists, 3D modelers and animators, as well as real-time graphics experts and problem solvers – and they are already creating the high-quality content that mass consumer adoption of AR and VR hardware devices will demand.

Leadership Team

Richard Oesterreicher
President and CEO

28 years in business and technology development for computer graphics and digital media, team building and management at Microsoft and Softimage, serial entrepreneur, and accomplished inventor (10 patents)

Carl W. Childers
VP Sales and Marketing

21 years in sales for startup, private and public sector companies, instrumental in launching successful ventures including WebMD

Craig S. Murphy
VP Production

27 years in media, business, technology development, extensive project management, and facility management experience at Microsoft and other companies

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